Why You Should Work with Our Granite Fabricators

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When renovating your home or building a new one, countertops are a big decision. From choosing which material to choosing a color and corner style, there are a lot of moving pieces surrounding getting the countertops of your dreams. With so many decisions to be made, that’s one reason why it’s important to work with your local granite fabricators in Minneapolis!

While you could always go to your nearest box store and choose from their limited slabs of granite, the best choice for the highest quality and personalized counters is to work with a local granite fabricator. At Northstar Granite Tops we can complete each step of the counter process; from giving style advice to fabricating your perfect counter to installation – our professionals handle each step.

When deciding where to purchase your granite counters from, consider these main reasons to trust granite fabricators over big box store purchases.

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More Style Choices

Experienced local granite fabricators, like the ones at Northstar Granite Tops, have more knowledge about the different grades of granite and can provide insight on patterns. While big box stores only offer limited selection, granite fabricators will have a vast range of different colors and patterns of granite available for you to choose the perfect slab for your home.

Custom Counter Shapes

Professional fabricators will take the time to measure your space themselves to ensure that the counters you receive are a perfect fit for the space. The custom-tailored counter shapes can eliminate many seams and grant you a counter that looks like it was created specifically for your space (because it was).

Exceptional Fabrication

When you choose to work with granite fabricators, they work hard to match veins and patterns at each seam to minimize the visibility of any seams. They also try to include as few seams as possible for a seamless counter look.

Professional Service, from Fabrication to Installation

Finally, choosing a professional granite fabricator for your new granite countertops guarantees you professional service from the start of fabrication through the end of installation. Most granite fabricators, like our own, also install the counters, so you only have to work with one company from start to finish for your counters!

Are you ready to work with granite fabricators serving Minneapolis and the surrounding areas? Call Northstar Granite Tops at 320-963-8677 or request a free quote!