Why Granite Will Forever Be the Timeless Classic in Countertops

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Trying to decide on the right countertop material for your upcoming remodel? While each material offers its own set of unique benefits, granite remains at the top of everyone’s list. Granite countertops have been the epitome of kitchen and bath luxury for decades and we are here to tell you why. As the experts in granite for Wayzata and the surrounding areas, we know a thing or two about granite and are here to tell you more about this incredible choice in countertop material. 

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For one, granite is synonymous with quality and dependability, with the added bonus of having a classic look. In fact, a well maintained granite countertop from decades ago would blend flawlessly with the kitchens of today. 

While there are many types of natural stones, granite takes a particularly long time to form. The process begins deep in the earth, heated by lava, and eventually rises to the surface. It takes several thousand years for granite to make the complete journey to the surface. This is another reason granite is considered so luxurious. And, this is all just the beginning of the countertop process. Slabs need to be cut, treated and customized for each home. This unique process makes granite a desirable addition to any home and its natural origins make it a true class.

Granite also comes in a wide variety of colors, shades and hues. From lighter patterns to darker tones and everything in between, it is easy to find the perfect color and shade of granite to match your home and unique tastes. In short, granite is like a natural work of art. There are colors, patterns, nuances and more that makes granite unique.

While most people are familiar with the little flecks of color in granite countertops, many homeowners do not realize that granite is actually available in a few different patterns including marbled, solid and speckled. 

Whatever style granite you choose, it will be incredibly easy to maintain. A sealed granite countertop requires just a wipe down with warm water and soap as far as everyday care. Being a durable material to begin with, granite can stand up against normal wear and tear while resisting chipping and cracking.

And, these are just some of the reasons granite countertops will always be a timeless classic! Interested in granite for your Wayzata home? Get in touch with Northstar Granite Tops today at (320) 963-8677 or Request a Free Granite Countertops Quote!