What to Do First When Remodeling the Kitchen

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Few projects update the feel of a house quite like a remodeled kitchen. Shiny new appliances, beautiful backsplash and granite countertops are every home cook’s dream. But, a little planning is necessary to ensure professional looking results. As experts in granite for Medina and the surrounding areas, we’d like to discuss necessary steps to ensure your new granite countertops fit your kitchen like a glove. After all, with today’s choices in appliance styles and a variety of countertop and backsplash materials to choose from, installing the elements in the right order is essential.


Planning Your Kitchen

The design and fabrication of your granite countertops will rely heavily upon the placement of your cabinets, appliances and sink. So it is important to decide on these first to make sure everything fits together nicely. And once you do choose your appliances; measure, measure, measure! Don’t measure the actual appliance, use the “rough in” measurements provided by the appliance or sink manufacturer.

Will you be changing the cabinet configuration? This should be considered as well. When you’re going with a new cabinet configuration, it is important to check local codes to determine the type of exhaust vents required for your stove. Cooktops with built-in vents directly behind the appliance might require adapting the backsplash to fit as well.

First Things First

Before you can install your range or slide in an under-counter dishwasher, the countertop must be installed first. Make sure all of your measurements are correct so once your granite is installed, the rest will come together easily.

Finishing Touches

Dreaming of a granite backsplash to match? Make sure your granite fabricators know this in advance so they can make sure everything lines up correctly.
Once your new, beautiful granite countertops are installed, it’s time to bring in the sink and appliances! Don’t worry too much if your slide-in range, dishwasher or fridge look odd at first.

The legs below these appliances are individually adjustable so you can raise or lower each corner until they look right.

And with this, your kitchen renovation will be complete! Ready to get started on choosing your new granite countertops? The granite professionals at Northstar Granite Tops are ready and willing to tell you all about the fabrication and installation process for your upcoming home renovation.

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