Three Reasons We Love Granite

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We here at Northstar Granite Tops think granite is great for a variety of reasons. From its durability to its timeless elegance and everything in between, we are always happy to install a new granite countertop in a Minneapolis home. Here are a few of our favorite reasons granite is a great addition to anyone’s home.

Unique Look

No matter what slab you choose for a granite countertop, you will never have exactly the same one as your friend’s or neighbor’s. This means that your kitchen, bathroom or whatever room in your home you are getting granite countertops in will never look precisely the same as anyone else’s. Your new granite will be uniquely you.


A new granite countertop will last you for a long while. This natural stone is hard to stain, chip, break, burn, scratch or damage in any way. Some basic daily cleaning and maintenance are all that is needed to keep the granite looking as good as new. (Did you know the only material out there that is harder than granite is diamond?)


A granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom is great for a family of any size. The stone is bacteria-resistant and, as we mentioned, it is incredibly durable too. So this is a great choice for rooms in your home that get a lot of traffic and use. You don’t have to worry that Little Jimmy will damage the granite by accidentally spilling his orange juice all over it. All you have to do is wipe up the spill and that’s it!

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