The Science and History of Quartz, Quartz in Your Kitchen

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If you are seeking quartz countertops in Maple Grove, you should consider Northstar Granite Tops, seasoned veterans in the rock and mineral countertop game. One of the countertop types Northstar specializes in is quartz. “Man-made” for countertop purposes (quartz is ground and mixed with pigments, polymers and resins), quartz is a very common and interesting mineral, highly abundant on (and in) the Earth. We will be providing some history and science on quartz and how it ended up as a kitchen countertop material. The popularity of quartz countertops in Maple Grove is undeniable for various reasons. We will get in to some of those as well.

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral found within the Earth’s continental crust (layer of granitic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks which form the continents and the areas of shallow seabed close to their shores), right behind feldspar. Crystalline in structure, it is a silicon-oxygen tetrahedral (SiO4 anionic group, or a silicon atom with four surrounding oxygen atoms arranged to define the corners of a tetrahedron). Many varieties of quartz exist and the most popular usages of the mineral throughout the ages have been in jewelry and hardstone carvings.

Hardstone carvings in quartz have found their way into Maple Grove kitchens in the form of quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are easy to care for and simply need to be wiped down with a damp cloth daily, spills being removed as they occur. Quartz countertops are bacteria, burn, chip, crack, heat and stain resistant. They are not recommended for outdoor use, but will compliment any indoor décor and make for a great countertop. Northstar Granite, a mainstay in the Maple Grove countertop industry, provides quartz countertops of 93%, the rest of the materials consisting of a mix of dyes, glass and resin materials that create a consistent, uniform pattern throughout the slab.

Our team will always do our very best to meet or exceed all of your expectations. Call us so we can tell you more about the quartz countertops we can fabricate and install for you or if you would you like to learn more about kitchen countertops in general in the Maple Grove area. Call Northstar Granite Tops at 320-963-8677 or you can Contact Us to get a free estimate.