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Granite: From the quarry to your counters

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The process of adding granite countertops to your Plymouth or Twin Cities-area home begins in the quarry and ends with the installation. It sounds like a simple process, but it’s actually much more complicated. Here’s a great video from the Discovery Channel on how granite is made: To learn how to get granite counters in… Read more »

The History of Granite Countertops

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Do the granite countertops in your Twin Cities-area home make you feel like a king or queen? There’s a good reason for that: granite has an air of magnificence around it, like it’s something that belongs in a palace. Originally, granite products were reserved exclusively for royalty. However, as time went on, it became something… Read more »

Northstar Granite Tops Unveils New Website

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Our new website has been quite an undertaking. But, we’re happy to finally unveil it. On the new Northstar Granite Tops, you will find more resources than what was previously available. There are page available regarding edge profiles, sink options, FAQs, videos, suppliers and much more. For our stone selections, we’ve broken each stone into… Read more »