Granite Color and Texture Options

From Northstar Granite Tops – Minneapolis & St Paul

About Granite

The main minerals in granite are quartz, feldspar, hornblende and mica.  These minerals are extremely hard, making granite one of the hardest materials found in nature, second only to diamond.  Because granite is so hard, it resists scratching, chipping, and discoloration due to heat, making it ideally suited for countertops in your home.  It can be used in virtually any application in your home, including kitchens, baths, bars and fireplaces.

Because granite is a natural product, there are an almost endless array of colors and patterning available.  Some display small crystals that are uniform and consistent throughout the slab, while others show elegantly flowing movement or large, random crystallization patterns.

Granite now comes in several different finishes, including, polished, honed, leather-ed, antiqued, flamed, and brushed.