Soapstone Countertops in St. Paul

Are you in the market for an affordable, natural stone countertop? Known for its milky, stunning beauty and unique charm, soapstone is becoming one of the top choices for today’s modern kitchen. While it’s been used as a countertop material for ages, soapstone has recently become more popular within kitchens. That’s why we at Northstar Granite Tops are proud to offer soapstone countertops to St. Paul and the surrounding areas!

soapstone countertops st Paul

With more and more homeowners looking for environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, natural and durable materials for their countertops, the demand for soapstone is greater than ever!

Soapstone countertops also boast versatility as there are a variety of colors to choose from, and their unique design allows for them to adapt easily to any home décor style! Just like granite or slate, soapstone countertops add an elegant and rustic feel to your home.

Come visit our showroom or give us a call and we’ll be happy to tell you even more about soapstone counters and how they can be used in your next home project!

Northstar Granite Tops Soapstone Countertops

Each slab of soapstone used for your countertops is unique, which adds a rarity to your home. Known for its unique soft color and light flowing veins, every soapstone countertop you see has variations from the last, making your kitchen or bathroom truly one of a kind.

Soapstone is a great option for kitchen countertops specifically due to its excellent heat resistance. There’s no need to ever worry about burning your countertops with a hot pot or pan while you’re cooking! Our soapstone counters are also non-porous which naturally contributes to its antibacterial and anti-stain properties, meaning installing soapstone in your home can help promote health.

Due to natural oxidation of the minerals, soapstone experiences a gradual darkening of its surfaces, allowing it to build up a natural patina over time! You can encourage this by oiling the surface of your soapstone counters. Then, you can easily clean it up with a mild dish soap solution, water and a cloth!

There are many benefits of choosing soapstone countertops for your home. Call us today to learn more!

Interested in Soapstone Countertops?

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