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Match Made in Heaven: What Makes Quartz So Perfect for the Kitchen?

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Quartz is arguably one of the most beautiful and durable choices in material for kitchen countertops. No wonder it’s become so popular! Quartz countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns and make up some of the most eye-catching options in kitchen counters. And, they are incredibly resilient when it comes to stains, making them an excellent choice for one of the messiest rooms in the home. Looking for style that will last? Look no further. At Northstar Granite, we specialize in quartz kitchen countertops in Bloomington and the surrounding areas. Over the years we’ve noticed the growing popularity of quartz in the kitchen, that’s why we’ve come up with this list of what makes quartz kitchen countertops such a success.

quartz kitchen countertops

Stylish Variety

In the past, the only knock against quartz was that it lacked the pattern and color variety you get with natural stone. But that’s a moot point nowadays. Quartz kitchen countertops now come in a multitude for styles with slabs with swirls, stunning metallic flecks and unique patterns to make them almost indistinguishable from the natural stone varieties. And, now you can get quartz kitchen countertops with a variety of finishes from sandblasted to polished to embossed. No matter what look you’re going for, there’s sure to be a quartz countertop for you.


Unlike natural stone or wood, quartz kitchen countertops never need to be sealed. Surface stains can be cleaned with simple soap and water. Just make sure you avoid scouring pads which can dull the quartz surface and don’t use any harsh chemicals.


Where do most bacteria and stains occur? In the kitchen of course! Stains, mold and odor-causing bacteria can’t penetrate the quartz’s surface due to its non-porous nature, making it perfect for the kitchen.

Ease of Design

The average kitchen has so many corners and areas that require a custom surface. Quartz kitchen countertops are a beautiful and flexible solution for the many nooks and crannies of the kitchen. Fabricators are able to create stunning quartz countertops that fit around sinks or curved cabinet ends.

Ready to learn more about what makes quartz so perfect for the kitchen? Allow our team of experts at Northstar Granite to help you find the best countertops for your home. Give us a call and we can tell you all about our many options in quartz countertops in Bloomington and the surrounding areas. Call Northstar Granite today at 320-963-8677 or contact us for a Free Estimate!

Quartz: Fun, Fascinating Facets

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When in the market for Quartz countertops in Plymouth or surrounding areas, it can be fun to find out a little more about this interesting material. At Northstar Granite Tops, we specialize in Quartz countertops and have compiled a list of some of our favorite features that make engineered Quartz countertops so very incredible!

Quartz Countertops Plymouth
  • Quartz is the “man-made” choice for countertops! It is comprised of ground up natural quartz mixed with pigments, polymers and resins. By doing so, quartz countertops obtain a more uniform appearance which is appealing to many people!
  • Quartz is currently enjoying a surge in popularity, the biggest reason can be attributed to the many advances in creating the stone’s aesthetic look, like the addition of organic-looking swirls, patterns, styles and variations.
  • Quartz is a stunning material with a manufacturing process that allows for a wide range of colors and styles you won’t find in many other countertop options.
  • Quartz is non-porous and therefore easily stands up to oil, juice, wine, coffee and other surface stains.
  • A non-porous surface also means it is resistant to bacteria, making Quartz countertops easy to clean! All you need is a little soap and water.
  • Quartz is also resistant to chips and cracks; but always use a hot pad when setting down something hot on it as it could scorch.

Did you know granite itself is composed of more than 20% natural quartz? Since quartz, the mineral, is a main ingredient in not only granite but the ever growing popular Quartz countertops, we have also compiled a list of some of our favorite fun natural quartz facts!

  • Quartz is a very hard mineral with a Mohs scale hardness rating of 7, that’s just a few steps below the diamond rating!
  • Quartz is known to be one of the most abundant materials on earth’s surface.
  • You’ve seen geodes, right? It is a plain-looking rock with a hollow center, allowing for the formation of crystals, and in most cases these are quartz crystals! When you crack a geode open, you can truly appreciate the beauty of the quartz crystals within.
  • Quartz is a crystal made of silica and oxygen and has been used in objects from computers and radios, to watches and kitchen counters!
  • There are many varieties of quartz including purple amethyst, blue quartz, cactus quartz, chalcedony, rose quartz, smoky quartz among others.

With so much variety in color and style, Quartz countertops can make the perfect complement to a variety of home décor. Allow our team of experts at Northstar Granite Tops to help you find the best countertops for you and your home’s needs. Give us a call and we can tell you more about our many options in Quartz countertops in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Call Northstar Granite Tops today at 320-963-8677 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

Granite Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2017

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What’s hot and what’s not in the world of granite kitchen countertops in and around Minnetonka. If you’re looking to remodel your home in the New Year, one of the first key points of renovation is in the kitchen. The one thing that can cause your home to appear outdated or make it less appealing when trying to sell your home is the kitchen countertops. Replacing them with new granite kitchen countertops not only instantly updates the look and feel of the entire room, but can even become the very focal point and what you love most about your kitchen. A professional kitchen renovation may even improve the value of your home. When deciding on what will give you the most return on your investment for your upcoming renovation or sale, you should know what is trending. To help you get started, here are the top granite kitchen countertop trends for 2017.

Granite Kitchen Counter Tops

Granite is Always In
Granite kitchen countertops continue to lead the pack in premium kitchen design. Granite is equally smooth and cool as marble, and it has the added benefit of requiring less maintenance. More people are catching on to how effortlessly granite kitchen countertops enhance a kitchen’s style and ambiance. With granite kitchen countertops, you get a bold, beautiful look that is also incredibly durable and long-lasting. And, since it is a natural product, there are an endless array of colors and patterns to choose from.

Tiles are Out
In 2017, the emphasis is on sleek and seamless style, not on grout. Many also find that porcelain or ceramic tile can tend to chip and don’t have the long-lasting qualities of granite kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Islands are In
Kitchen islands are becoming more popular as space saving and multifunctional areas become more of a design essential. No longer just an afterthought, many choose to match their island exactly with their granite kitchen countertops, giving the island a granite countertop of its own. Islands not only add more counter space, they are a must-have for all activities in the kitchen, from conversation to food preparation.

Marble Accents are In
Gorgeously smooth yet relatively soft and cool to the touch makes it a great work surface for many a baker. Generally, however, marble is not typically used in the kitchen due to its soft nature. But, since marble develops a patina as it ages it can create a beautiful “old world” charm making it the perfect accent with granite kitchen countertops as a baking station.
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Put New Countertops on those Bathroom Vanities

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Let’s be honest, if you are redoing the bathroom you need to get a new countertop for those bathroom vanities! If you are renovating the home and the bathroom is part of the plan, or you just need some sort of change in life, why not spice up your bathroom a little bit by going with a new color palette? If you paint anew, surely you can’t just keep that vanity untouched or unchanged! If you are in the market for new countertops on your bathroom vanity in the Maple Grove or nearby home, bring in the experts found at Northstar Granite Tops.

The bevy of choices in bathroom vanity types are amongst a few different natural stone options. For the purposes of this publication, we will debate the pros and cons of granite and marble.

Most people prefer granite for those bathroom vanities. Granite is known for being durable and resistant to stain sources that fall under the category of “bathroom”. There is an endless array of color schemes and patterns that make it an ideal option for matching a bathroom vanity with whatever color scheme you hope to implement in your bathroom.

-Endless options. Patterns and hues that fit any room or decor.

-Scratch and heat resistant, subtle scrapes from the toe-nail clippers or a scolding from the curling iron will not damage the surface. Regular sealing will keep things looking as they should.

-Aversion to humidity means those steamy showers will not affect the surface.

-Granite being granite, the second hardest stone on earth, it will last a lifetime, if not longer.

-Resale value is added to your home by going with granite for your bathroom vanities.

-The potential for damage to occur if not handled properly, makes it wholly necessary for these slabs as bathroom vanities to be carried out by skilled technicians. No do-it-yourself with natural stone countertop installation.

Elegant and classic, marble is no longer for just the elites. With time has come ease in production and therefore affordability. Marble being a hard, crystalline form of limestone, the streaks of color marble is known for make it a beautiful choice to go along with a room in the home whose main flows happen to involve water.

-Long lasting, marble is resistant to chipping and denting that falls within the normal realms of bathroom activities.

-Options exist as far as general surface appearance. You can choose a shiny polish or a drier looking matte finish.

-Marble being porous, as bathroom vanity countertops they are a bit more susceptible to staining, scratching and etching from acidic substances that occur in the bathroom. To prevent staining, semi-frequent sealing is a good idea with these.

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Clean and Maintain Your Quartz Countertops

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Quartz countertops, amongst the very most popular in natural stone countertop types on the market, are not difficult to keep clean and/or free of blemish. These counters are very resilient when it comes to stains but they do require efficient cleaning every now and then. A shiny type of natural stone, cleaning your quartz countertops will bring out their zest and pop. To correctly clean your quartz countertops you will want to be wary of what type of cleaning agent you use. If you have quartz countertops in your Bloomington area home, follow these suggestions provided by Northstar Granite Tops to keep them looking their best:

Dust & Dirt

Remove this sort of particulate debris by using a cloth or a wet sponge. Should you want to raise your quartz countertops cleaning game to the next level, assemble a mixture of very gentle or mild liquid detergent with some hot water. Wipe thoroughly, throw some power into the effort. Once complete, rinse your quartz countertops to remove any residual cleaning agents that may linger upon the surface.

Hard objects

Objects like food, gum, mayonnaise and nail polish—items that have hardened and adhered to the surface—can be eliminated via putty knife or some similar item that will not scratch or cut the surface. After you have successfully removed the hardened item, use a damp cloth to wipe any remnants left behind. You may also opt to use a no-scratch Scotch-Brite pad (or similar brand) to get rid of hardened objects.

Spills & Streaks

Most of us will clean up a spill as soon as it occurs. This is an effective policy to implement in the effort to maintain and otherwise keep clean your quartz countertops. Use a wet cloth to remove the spill—regardless of the liquid spilt—and then pad the area with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Get rid of any existing streaks by washing the area with water followed by a soft cloth drying. If you wish to go the extra mile, a more thorough removal can be administered with a solution of water and white vinegar.

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