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Northstar Granite Tops Installed Granite Countertops for KARE 11’s Backyard Remodel

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At Northstar Granite Tops, we are very proud that we were able to be a part of the KARE 11 Backyard remodeling project. Last night, KARE 11 revealed the finished backyard on the 5 o’clock news. We were happy to supply granite and labor for the granite countertops to help complete this project.

KARE 11’s Backyard took about 6 months to plan and 10 weeks to complete. The design was chosen by KARE 11 viewers. The KARE 11 Backyard has been used for more than 30 years as part of news broadcasts. Now that it’s been remodeled, the team hopes to use it as everything from a backdrop to a set. Many cooking features and weather segments will take place in this newly enhanced area.

The redesigned space features a pondless waterfall, stone walkways, a pergola, seating areas, an outdoor fireplace and, most notably, an outdoor kitchen! The Northstar Granite Tops team installed the granite countertop at the bar-style seating area. The outdoor kitchen also features a grill to cook food and a stainless steel refrigerator.

As members of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC), we were approached to be a part of the project. BATC was responsible for planning and gathering the companies that would help to complete the backyard remodel. Each fall, BATC hosts the Parade of Homes. The KARE 11 Backyard is entry 11 this year, which people can stop by to tour every Saturday in September from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Congratulations to KARE 11 and everyone who played a part in this remodeling project. It was a fun project and we can’t wait to see it on the news regularly.

If you’re installing an outdoor kitchen, or need your countertops upgraded inside, contact us today by calling 320-963-8677 or Request a Free Quote.

Granite Installer in the News: Write-Up in the Maple Lake Messenger

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We here at Northstar Granite Tops were thrilled to be featured in an article in the Maple Lake Messenger. In case you missed it, the article is a great overview of our business fabricating and installing granite and other natural stone countertops in the Maple Lake area. It’s been a couple of months since the article was published, but it contains a lot of good information that is worth sharing. A few of the article’s highlights:
  • We are an eco-friendly company. We have a closed-loop water recycling system, and we recycle 100% of our leftover countertop materials. These materials end up being donated to local artisans or crushed to help make road beds for the entire state of Minnesota.
  • We have been located in Maple Lake since 2006, but we have been in business since 2002.
  • When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) visited our facility, they recognized it as a “clean, safe environment for employees and customers.”
  • We have been accredited by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) since 2009. This means we have demonstrated our expertise in our craftsmanship of natural stone, a legitimate concern and focus on worker and customer safety and maintaining ethical and sound business practices.
  • We are one of only 57 Accredited Natural Stone Fabricators in the country and one of only two in Minnesota.
  • The owners, Steve and Rock, are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. Steve usually handles the installations and Rock has a hand in just about every template job.
  • Although we are known for fabricating and installing granite, we can also do the same for other natural stones like onyx, soapstone, travertine, marble, engineered quartz and more.
  • Generally speaking, it takes about one day to put new granite countertops in.
So when you need granite countertops fabricated or installed in your Maple Lake home, give us a call at 320-963-8677 or Request a Free Quote.

Choosing Your Stone Countertops

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One of the most exciting parts of remodeling is choosing your stone countertops. Minnesota residents have been trusting Northstar Granite for fabricating and installing stone countertops for more than 10 years, and we know all about stone and what is going to best suit your needs. So what is the stone countertops selection process like? First, think about what you’re going to be using the countertops for the most. Do you love to cook? Then you are definitely going to want countertops that are burn and heat resistant. Do you have a busy family life? Then you are definitely going to want countertops that are stain resistant. Narrow down what’s most important to you. For example, granite is a great choice for those who like to cook because it’s heat resistant. Granite is also a great choice for families because it is stain resistant. You might also want to consider quartz because it’s a lot like granite: heat, stain and chip resistant. If you’re looking for stone countertops for your bathroom though, marble is a lovely choice. It will add elegance and class to any bathroom. Then you can come down to our show room to see what we have to offer:

Northstar Granite Stone Choices

One of our knowledgeable staff members can help you pick out the best stone countertops to suit your needs, your personal style and your home’s décor:

Northstar Granite Stone Countertops Selections

Select your stone and edge profile, and then from there, we’ll make sure you get the highest quality slab available:

Northstar Granite Stone Selections

Finally, we’ll take the stone you selected and start the fabrication process:

Northstar Granite Fabrication and Installation

Soon enough, we’ll be at your house to start the installation process! When you are ready to select the perfect stone countertops for your Minnesota home, call us here at Northstar Granite at 320-963-8677 or Request a Free Quote.

Northstar Granite Tops Goes Above and Beyond: Crane Lake Install

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We love going above and beyond for our clients. We offer a wide selection of granite every single day for our customers. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to assist you from the first phone call through installation and maintenance. We’re happy to do whatever we can to make our clients happy. So when we got a call from a homeowner across a lake in northern Minnesota, we said, “We’ll be there!”


Crane Lake Installation

Pictured below is our installation truck on a barge. Yes, you read that right: a barge. This is just one extraordinary example of how we went above and beyond for one client in particular. We’ll give you a little background on the story.

We did a whole-home granite installation project for a residence on Crane Lake, near Orr, Minnesota. It was a log cabin near the shore, with no adjoining roads. The only way to access this particular home was to cross the lake. So that’s what we did. We carried supplies on the truck, and then used the skid-loader (also pictured) to carry materials into the home once we made landfall. We installed granite countertops and vanities for a very grateful homeowner. We take jobs the other guys won’t. We got to help out a customer and snap one of our favorite pictures!

High Standards for Your Project

We strive to bring quality service and our high standards into each project we do. You’ll get the same type of care and attention shown to the family in the story above. Whether you live here in Maple Lake, or across the state, we’ll take care of you.

Are you ready to install granite countertops in your home? Contact us today by calling 320-963-8677 or Request a Free Quote.

Fun Facts about Granite in Minneapolis

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We here at Northstar Granite Tops just love talking about our favorite subject: granite! Minneapolis residents know we’re one of the area’s experts on this beautiful and durable stone, and what’s more fun than talking shop and educating our customers? Here are a few interesting and fun facts about granite you may not know.

  • Granite is almost as hard as diamonds.
  • Contrary to popular belief, granite is not indestructible. It can be chipped or cracked if hit by an object that is heavy enough.
  • Granite is heat and scratch resistant, but it’s still a good idea to use a cutting board to spare your knives.
  • Granite countertops should be resealed every 12 to 18 months to ensure they stay as beautiful as the day they were installed in your Minneapolis home.
  • There is radon in granite, but it’s such a miniscule amount that it will not cause any harm.
  • Minneapolis homeowners love granite because it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and will match just about any home décor.
  • The Great Pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge in England are both made out of granite.
  • Granite is found all over the world in countries like the United States, India and Brazil.
  • If you are a fan of rock climbing walls, then you have climbed on granite!
  • Granite is great for countertops in Minneapolis homes because of its durability. That means busy Minneapolis families don’t have to worry about being too careful around it as long as they take time to clean it and have it resealed on a regular basis.

Are you ready for granite countertops in your Minneapolis home? Give Northstar Granite Tops a call at (320) 963-8677 or contact us online to request a free quote!