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Choosing Your Marble Countertops

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When it comes to selecting countertops, marble remains a top choice for many homeowners. It’s no surprise that marble countertops and backsplashes are so popular—the material has been attracting fans for millennia. Marble is a natural material with great variety and creates a really lovely natural pattern, which you don’t get with a lot of artificial materials.

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Interior designers are obsessed with marble for the whole home and, of course, for the kitchen. Marble countertops, for some time now have been seeing a rebirth of their presence in kitchens all over the country. Both in its classic white and in a variety of colors with striking streaks and unique style, marble countertops offer classic elegance and old-world charm essential for farmhouse style kitchens and other popular design trends.

Pure marble is almost entirely white though it can vary in color from white to black. Impurities such as silica, iron oxide and graphite give it its characteristic rich veining, clouding and color. Because marble forms under varying degrees of heat and pressure, it exhibits a broad range of denseness and hardness. Among marble options, white marble is the most popular and universally loved. 

However, it is essential to choose high-quality marble from a trusted source. Northstar Granite Tops is the trusted name in marble countertops for the Twin Cities and we would like to tell you a little more about it.

Marble, a non-foliated metamorphic rock is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals (calcite and dolomite most frequently) is a form of metamorphosed limestone. Throughout the ages, it has been plundered for use in sculpture and as a building material.

Every stone slab is slightly different, so it’s ideal to select the exact pieces of stone that will be used for your countertops. At the same time, it’s important to consider how different pieces come together. Every quarry is different, but it’s possible to cut certain types of marble blocks two different ways to achieve unique veining patterns.

Besides its natural beauty, there’s a reason marble has historically been so popular for sculpture: It’s easy to work with tools. Add modern computer numerical control milling machines to the equation and almost anything’s possible for kitchen decorating. In fact, there are countless edge profiles to choose from.

Generally, marble is not suitable for kitchens because it does scratch and chip easier than granite or quartz. However, because marble develops a patina as it ages in the home, it can make beautiful “old world” looking kitchen countertops.

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What Makes Quartz Countertops Perfect for the Bathroom?

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Quartz is arguably one of the most beautiful, durable, and popular choices in bathroom countertops. Quartz countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns and make up some of the most eye-catching options in bathroom counters. And, they are incredibly resilient, making them an excellent choice for one of the messiest rooms in the home. Looking for style that will last? Look no further than quartz bathroom counters for your Minneapolis home. Here at Northstar Granite Tops, we have watched quartz bathroom counters grow in popularity and are here to tell you why.

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First of all, quartz bathroom counters are low maintenance. Unlike natural stone or wood, quartz countertops never need to be sealed. Surface stains can be cleaned with simple soap and water. Just make sure you avoid scouring pads that can dull the quartz surface and don’t use any harsh chemicals. They are also very clean. Stains, mold, and bacteria can’t penetrate the quartz’s surface due to its non-porous nature, making it perfect for the bathroom.

They are also easy to design with. The average bathroom is on the smaller side and has so many corners and areas that require a custom surface. Quartz bathroom counters are a beautiful and flexible solution for the many nooks and crannies of the bathroom. Fabricators are able to create stunning quartz bathroom counters that fit around sinks or curved cabinet ends.

Quartz bathroom counters also come in a multitude of colors and styles with swirls, stunning metallic flecks and unique patterns to make them almost indistinguishable from the natural stone varieties. And, now you can get quartz countertops with a variety of finishes from sandblasted to polished to embossed. No matter what look you’re going for on your bathroom or the size of your bathroom, there’s sure to be a quartz countertop for you.

Ready to learn more about what makes quartz so perfect for the bathroom? Allow our team of experts at Northstar Granite to help you find the best countertops for your home. Give us a call and we can tell you all about our many options in quartz bathroom counters for Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Call Northstar Granite today at 320-963-8677 or contact us for a Free Estimate!

Choosing the Right Granite Slab for Your Countertops

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Whether you’re choosing a new granite slab for your new home’s kitchen or bathroom or upgrading your existing countertops, color, veins, and patina are crucial. While some homeowners might settle for any slab, it’s a good idea to keep searching until you get the perfect slab for your home’s unique interior. At Northstar Granite Tops, we supply the very best in granite slabs for St Paul and the surrounding areas and have put together a checklist of important things to consider when choosing a slab.

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Matching your granite to the cabinet finish can be a difficult and delicate task. This is why many homeowners prefer buying the granite and modifying the cabinet doors and kitchen colors to match the granite. If you really want a specific color, take color samples of your cabinet finish, floors, and walls with you when hunting for your slab. A couple of pictures can also help you get the right granite color you’re looking for. 

Your granite slab doesn’t need to be the same exact color as your cabinet doors or kitchen floor. In fact, a little bit of contrast is a good thing. The idea is to match colors and create a dynamic kitchen. For example, light color cabinetry might look better with richer colored granite.


Don’t forget to consider the lighting in your kitchen or bathroom when choosing your granite slabs. Granite interacts with light to make a kitchen or bathroom glow. Get your lighting right before choosing your granite slab and remember the color of your granite can influence the brightness or coziness of a room.

Different Slabs

Like any other natural stone, granite is rarely consistent in color and design, and you must be sure you can accommodate any changes in color or patina across the slab. Before deciding on your granite slabs, look at a couple of similarly colored granite slabs to find the one that perfectly matches your ideal décor.

Once you’ve selected your slab, you will need a fabricator to convert it into your dream countertops. Here at Northstar Granite Tops we are the fabricators you can trust. When you’re ready to get started, contact our experts and we can help you every step of the way from granite slab selection to fabrication to installation.

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Kitchen Counter Considerations

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With so many surface choices to choose from, how do you decide upon the perfect countertop for your project? There are multiple aspects to consider, including cost, durability and color options. So what is right for your kitchen counters? Before making a decision, it’s important to research and consider what would work best for the overall design of the appointed space, as well as what type of material would suit your personal needs. Here at Northstar Granite, we specialize in kitchen counters for Minnetrista and the surrounding areas and have compiled a helpful, comprehensive list of surface materials and their individual characteristics. Here are some of the top kitchen counter considerations:

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First and foremost, kitchen countertops need to be functional and durable. You have to know if you can place food and drinks on a countertop and whether it will stain, or leave a mark or a nick. So, if you’re looking for durability you should consider quartz or granite. The advantages of granite or quartz countertops are many – they doesn’t chip easily, they’re heat and stain-resistant and are relatively low-maintenance. 


Quartz and granite countertops are also both big buzz words in the real estate world so when it comes time to sell, their addition to your kitchen can make a big difference.


The way your new kitchen counters will look is another big consideration. The style of kitchen you’re aiming for will inform your countertop choice. If you want a classic or timeless look, granite, marble or quartz will be where you should start looking. These materials also lend elegance to your kitchen. If you are going for a mid-century modern or clean and contemporary look, then single bevel or squared edge quartz kitchen countertops will be your best bet.


Is your cabinetry right for your new kitchen countertops? If your kitchen cabinets need work or don’t offer proper support for your new kitchen countertops, you should address these issues as well. Once your cabinets are worked out, then they will be able to stand up to the beauty, elegance and style offered by your kitchen counters.

Then of course, there’s cost. First measure the surface area of where your countertops will be placed. The more surface area, the more countertop material you’ll need. Quartz and granite are pretty close in price but each come in a wide variety of price points.

Ready to get started on your exciting kitchen remodel? Stop in to our showroom to see samples first-hand and decide what kitchen counters will fit both with your style and your budget.

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Transformations: How Granite or Quartz Can Make Your Next Kitchen Renovation

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With increased time spent at home, many homeowners are looking around and seeing areas of their home that could use some improvement. One of the most popular areas to tackle is the kitchen. The first step? Selecting new, beautiful kitchen countertops. The countertops are the focal point of your kitchen, affecting both the overall style and value of the room. But, where and how do you begin? Here at Northstar Granite Tops, we are the experts in quartz and granite for Eden Prairie and the surrounding areas and can help get your next renovation started.

Northstar Granite has customized and fabricated hundreds of natural stone kitchen countertops and we love to see how new granite or quartz countertops can transform a room. Here are some examples of some of our favorite transformations:

As you can see, from classic to modern, the possibilities are endless! Granite and quartz offer many different looks to fit in with a wide variety of styles and décor. Stop by our showroom to see the stone slabs and samples in person! This can help you really envision how your new kitchen countertops will look in your home. You can even bring paint swatches or samples of your cabinets or appliances to make sure everything looks good together.

At our showroom you will be able to see samples of available stones as well as learn about pricing. Of course, the price will differ depending on which stone you choose, the edge profile etc.

We suggest you request a quote once you have identified a color or two. Submitting a drawing is an important part of getting a quote from us, and our Quote Request page walks you through that process. The more information you provide at this point, the more accurate your quote will be.

We understand choosing new granite countertops can seem overwhelming. But we hope, with our expertise, to show you it’s not only easy but can be fun as well! And, when you’re ready to get started, contact the experts here at Northstar Granite and we can help you get started selecting your new, beautiful granite countertops!

Ready to get started finding the very best in quartz or granite for your Eden Prairie area home renovation? Get in touch with Northstar Granite Tops today at (320) 963-8677 or Request a Free Granite Countertops Quote! We look forward to helping you with all of your granite and countertop needs.