Getting Started with Northstar Granite Tops

Granite & Marble Fabrication – Twin Cities MN

This page will help guide you through the process of getting new stone countertops.

Depending on the scope of your project, some of the steps highlighted below may or may not apply.  Just skip over those that do not apply.

Once you have decided on stone surfaces for your home, identifying which types of materials you like and are suitable for your project is a good starting point.

The internet is not only a good place to learn about which materials work best in given areas of the home, but it is also a good place to start viewing materials.  Our Stone Types page describes many types of stone and where they are generally used or avoided in the home.  You can visit our Products pages to browse many of the more popular granites, marbles, and exotic stones.  If you do not see what you like we also provide links to our suppliers who have many hundreds of colors from which to choose.

Request a quote

We suggest you request a quote once you have identified a color or two on-line.  You may have already made a trek to one of the several suppliers in the area, and that’s just fine.  You’re a little ahead of the game. Submitting a drawing is an important part of getting a quote from us, and our Quote Request page walks you through that process.  The more information you provide at this point, the more accurate your quote will be.

Reviewing the quote

Once you receive your quote back from us, review it carefully to ensure that it reflects what you want.  If you’re satisfied with the quote you received from us, then it’s time to view the actual slab materials.  If the quoted price is outside your budget for tops our Feature Color granites might just be the answer.  There are also several other granites that may be close in look to what you originally selected, but at a more budget friendly price.

Hit the road

If you are interested in our Feature Colors you can stop by our show room to see them, or you may visit any of the showrooms listed on our website to view additional slabs.  If you would rather not make the trip, and are working with a builder or remodeler, they often have samples to look at.  Either way, we highly recommend you view the actual material.

Approve the quote and submit a down payment

Once you have made your final stone selection and received our updated (if necessary) quote we are ready to proceed with production of your stone countertops!  All we need before templating and fabrication begins is a signed quote and 50% down payment from you.  Upon receiving both of those items, we will put your project into production and you will be enjoying your new countertops within two weeks.