Quartz Kitchen Countertops Minneapolis

Are you in the market for natural, beautiful countertops for your kitchen? There are many options available, including quartz kitchen countertops for your Minneapolis home! At Northstar Granite Tops, we specialize in quartz countertops and can fabricate and install your stunning new countertops for you!

Whether you are building a house or renovating your current kitchen, the countertops are a staple of any functioning kitchen. But countertops should be more than just functional – they should be aesthetically pleasing and match the style that you are designing for. Quartz can match many styles and is a very durable choice for kitchen countertops. By choosing a quartz kitchen countertop, you choose the freedom to choose from a large variety of colors and patterns available to perfectly accent your home.

quartz kitchen countertops Minneapolis

Quartz kitchen countertops boast strength and longevity. They are sturdy enough to survive the normal wear and tear of kitchen countertops while still looking stylish for years to come!

No matter the reason you are looking for new kitchen countertops, quartz should be a consideration! It looks stunning, comes in so many colors and patterns that everyone can find a combination they love, and they can withstand normal use over time.

Interested in learning more? Give Northstar Granite Tops a call today and we can answer any of your questions! Or, stop by the showroom so we can show you some of your options for your new quartz kitchen countertop.

Northstar Granite Tops Quartz Kitchen Countertops

While granite may be our name, at Northstar Granite Tops we proudly specialize in more than just granite. We are experts in natural stone. Specifically, we are experts in the strength, durability, style and affordability that quartz has to offer.

Quartz countertops are not completely natural, as they are boosted by the addition of about 7% of a blend of polyester resin binding and pigments. This blend, even in such a small amount, is part of why quartz counters work wonderfully in the kitchen. It makes quartz countertops resistant to scratches and stains, keeping it protected from common kitchen messes.

The low porosity of quartz also leads to low maintenance. They are easy to clean and don’t require sealing or resealing due to their synthetic blend!

Since 2002, Northstar Granite Tops has been the area countertop experts. Let us show you why we are trusted all throughout the Twin Cities area.

Interested in Quartz Kitchen Countertops?

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