Quartz Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen

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Close your eyes and imagine with us. You’re standing in your kitchen, only something is different. You’ve had that dream kitchen remodeling project done. What’s different? Are there new floors, cabinets or appliances? How about new countertops? OK, you can open your eyes now. Believe us when we tell you it’s possible to have those beautiful countertops installed in your kitchen. It’s no daydream our Minnetonka quartz countertop installers are ready and eager to tackle new projects.

Engineered Quartz

The quartz installed in homes today is actually what’s called engineered quartz. You may be wondering what makes quartz engineered. Did it get a degree or something? It is still about 93% natural, ground up quartz. The other 7% is made up of a polymer resin, which makes for a super hard, low maintenance countertop. It still retains all its natural beauty, but has been mastered into the ultimate countertop material. With quartz, you get the best of both worlds. On one hand, you have the beauty of a natural stone, while on the other hand, you have the durability of a man-made product.

Growing Popularity

Engineered quartz is gaining popularity in the United States as a viable countertop solution. It started growing in popularity in Europe over the past couple of decades. Engineered quartz can be an upscale, yet affordable option American families may enjoy. As your local Minnetonka quartz countertop provider, we can attest to the popularity and reliability of this countertop option.

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