Quartz Bathroom Counters Twin Cities

When considering a home remodel, bathrooms can sometimes be the most overlooked but most needed renovation. A room that almost everyone who visits you will use, as well as one that you see regularly throughout the day – bathrooms are a vital part of any house. So, why not update one of the rooms you know you are guaranteed to spend time in every day?

The best way to kick off a bathroom remodel is with quartz bathroom counters in Twin Cites! Quartz is a popular choice for bathroom counters as it has an elegance and classic look while being easy to maintain.

Northstar Granite Tops remains the trusted name in quartz bathroom counters in the Twin Cities area, so you can trust us with your next bathroom remodeling project! Our professionals are well-versed in quartz and can answer any questions you may have. We can even help recommend color and style choices to fit the feel that you want your bathroom to have!

Are you interested in taking a look at your quartz options? Stop by our showroom and we’ll show you all your choices and help you decide which one you want featured in your newly renovated bathroom!

Northstar Granite Tops Quartz Bathroom Counters

While granite may be in our name, here at Northstar Granite Tops we proudly specialize in more than just granite. We are experts in natural stone. Specifically, we are experts in the strength, durability, style and affordability that quartz has to offer.

quartz bathroom counters twin cities

Quartz bathroom counters are a great fit for everyone, as they are available in many styles, colors and patterns. The hard part of choosing a quartz countertop isn’t finding one you like – but narrowing down which is your favorite from all of the elegant options!

Upgrade the style of your bathroom today by choosing a new quartz counter to begin your renovation process. Or, if you’ve already started renovating, bring in pictures of what you’ve already purchased to allow us to help you find the best fitting style and color of quartz for your home.

There are many benefits to having a quartz bathroom counter, that maybe you’ll even consider coming back for a quartz kitchen counter! Quartz can do many things and looks elegant and classic through it all. Give us a call today to begin the process of choosing your new favorite counter.

Interested in Quartz Bathroom Counters?

Are you considering quartz bathroom counters for your Twin Cities home? Call Northstar Granite Tops today at 320-963-8677, stop by our showroom, or request a free estimate!