Put New Countertops on those Bathroom Vanities

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Let’s be honest, if you are redoing the bathroom you need to get a new countertop for those bathroom vanities! If you are renovating the home and the bathroom is part of the plan, or you just need some sort of change in life, why not spice up your bathroom a little bit by going with a new color palette? If you paint anew, surely you can’t just keep that vanity untouched or unchanged! If you are in the market for new countertops on your bathroom vanity in the Maple Grove or nearby home, bring in the experts found at Northstar Granite Tops.

The bevy of choices in bathroom vanity types are amongst a few different natural stone options. For the purposes of this publication, we will debate the pros and cons of granite and marble.

Most people prefer granite for those bathroom vanities. Granite is known for being durable and resistant to stain sources that fall under the category of “bathroom”. There is an endless array of color schemes and patterns that make it an ideal option for matching a bathroom vanity with whatever color scheme you hope to implement in your bathroom.

-Endless options. Patterns and hues that fit any room or decor.

-Scratch and heat resistant, subtle scrapes from the toe-nail clippers or a scolding from the curling iron will not damage the surface. Regular sealing will keep things looking as they should.

-Aversion to humidity means those steamy showers will not affect the surface.

-Granite being granite, the second hardest stone on earth, it will last a lifetime, if not longer.

-Resale value is added to your home by going with granite for your bathroom vanities.

-The potential for damage to occur if not handled properly, makes it wholly necessary for these slabs as bathroom vanities to be carried out by skilled technicians. No do-it-yourself with natural stone countertop installation.

Elegant and classic, marble is no longer for just the elites. With time has come ease in production and therefore affordability. Marble being a hard, crystalline form of limestone, the streaks of color marble is known for make it a beautiful choice to go along with a room in the home whose main flows happen to involve water.

-Long lasting, marble is resistant to chipping and denting that falls within the normal realms of bathroom activities.

-Options exist as far as general surface appearance. You can choose a shiny polish or a drier looking matte finish.

-Marble being porous, as bathroom vanity countertops they are a bit more susceptible to staining, scratching and etching from acidic substances that occur in the bathroom. To prevent staining, semi-frequent sealing is a good idea with these.

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