Plymouth Granite Countertops: Granite by the Letters

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Plymouth MN Granite CountertopsAccording to Wikipedia, the word “granite” comes from the Latin “granum,” which references the rock’s coarse-grained structure. However, Northstar Granite Tops thinks maybe all you need to know about granite countertops for your Plymouth or Twin Cities home is in the word “granite.” All one has to do is take one letter at a time.

So, here is everything you need to know about granite countertops:


There is no such thing as “ugly” granite countertops. No matter what slab you pick for your Plymouth or Twin Cities home, you’re sure to receive a final product that is gorgeous. Your counters will be so gorgeous, in fact, that they will be the centerpiece of the room where they are installed. No one will be able to not notice your new gorgeous granite countertops.


When you want countertops in your Plymouth or Twin Cities home that are able to stand up to scratches, heat and impacts, granite is the top choice. Thanks to its structure, composition and origins, granite is highly resistant to damages and won’t harbor bacteria or germs. While they require infrequent maintenance and sealing, granite still stands above other natural stones in terms of resistance and durability.


Granite is the No. 1 alluring natural stone for homes in the Plymouth/Twin Cities area. Why? Here’s what Lifestyle Lounge said about granite:

The elegance offered by them can hardly be matched by any other material. In fact, such is the appeal of these countertops that you would be encouraged to cook up a luscious meal for dinner, just by having a look at them.


Granite is a naturally-made stone, and its composition is a main reason for its durability (see above). The stone is formed over millions of years, starting out as compressed, molten rock under the Earth’s surface. Eventually, it makes its way up to the surface, where it’s manufactured and fabricated for use in Plymouth and Twin Cities metro homes.


The benefits of granite cannot be overstated. It’s a truly incomparable natural stone, thanks to its durability, elegance, luster and availability. Granite is always in style, and no matter when or where you install granite countertops, they’re sure to look great.


No two granite slabs are the same. Each slab has unique crystals, depths and variations in color. The slab that’s fabricated for use in your Plymouth or Twin Cities home will truly be one of a kind, and you can be assured that no one will ever truly have countertops like yours.


Want a natural stone that will last you a lifetime, or two? Granite is the obvious choice. As noted above, granite is highly durable and capable of withstanding heat, scratching and impacts. However, it takes a lot to damage granite and because of this, the new countertops you put in your home are sure to last you for years and years to come.

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