Not Just Quartz Bathroom Counters

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While your bathroom is probably one of the smallest rooms in your home, it is also one of the most frequently used. Given how much time is spent in the bathroom, renovations may be a bigger project than initially anticipated. You have to choose paint colors, floors, which toilet, tub and sink match your style. Then there’s hardware, towel racks, toilet paper holders and let’s not forget counters!

But even that’s not a comprehensive list of items you will need to decide on to complete a bathroom renovation. When choosing your counters, don’t forget to think about tub surround, backsplashes, or a vanity as well! All of these and more are able to match your quartz bathroom counters in St. Paul when you work with the professionals at Northstar Granite Tops.

When you decide that it’s time to update the aesthetics of your bathrooms, the best option is quartz bathroom counters. From there – the decisions become simpler. You no longer have to worry about what style, color and stone you want for a backsplash, tub surround or vanity – instead you just need to decide if your dream bathroom incorporates each of those! If the answer is yes, then the professionals at Northstar Granite Tops can help you find the perfect piece of quartz to tie your whole bathroom together with ease.

quartz bathroom counters St Paul

Quartz is the perfect material for all of these pieces of your dream bathroom and more. With so many choices in color, style and pattern – the difficult part isn’t finding a piece of quartz you love, but instead deciding between all of the options! No matter what your aesthetic is, whether you want minimalist or maximalist, farmhouse or classic – quartz can perfectly pull together any aesthetic you desire.

Quartz bathroom counters are strong, durable, affordable and offer a style that is unmatched. In addition, quartz makes a great option for tub surround, backsplashes and vanities – allowing you to pull each piece of your dream bathroom together with ease.

However, if you aren’t yet sold on why to choose quartz for your bathroom counters, consider all of the benefits quartz has to offer. Quartz is the perfect material to withstand the wear and tear of normal bathroom use – from preventing toothpaste stains to boasting a heat resistance that allows curling iron mistakes to pass without issue.

Are you ready to have quartz bathroom counters installed in your home in St. Paul or the surrounding Twin Cities area? Call Northstar Granite Tops at 320-963-8677 or request a free quote!