Mythbusters for Granite

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Granite is a natural and beautiful material that is used for flooring, countertops and more in homes all across America. It is often chosen for its durability as much for its aesthetics. However, despite its wide usage there are some who don’t appreciate granite as being as practical as it is pretty. In fact, if you  were to bring up the discussion of granite countertops or flooring in a group, chances are you would hear several people wax eloquent about “the trouble with granite”.

So, we thought we would take some time to dispel some of the common myths regarding using granite in one’s home.

Granite Mythbusting

  1. Minnesota‘s top natural resource is granite. It seems that when one lives in Minnesota, there is a granite quarry or installer –or several – in nearly every town. After all, we seem to have quite an abundance of this beautiful natural stone! In fact, St. Cloud, Minnesota has even been nicknamed, Granite City. However, Barre, Vermont is actually the self-described granite capital of the world due to the huge amounts of granite discovered at Millstone Hill after the War of 1812. Oh, and by the way, Minnesota’s top natural resource is actually iron ore. (MN Department of Natural Resources)
  2. Granite countertops will stain easily. Granite countertops are resistant to stains, but spills should be wiped up quickly.  Liquids like oil can cause a stain, if left to soak into stone; a poultice can be used to draw the stain from the granite.
  3. The beautiful finish that granite is known for disappears with time. Granite does not lose its shine, but marble, actually does. Granite is also scratch, chip and crack resistant, making it perfect for busy families.
  4. You have to use a hot pad or trivet in order to place hot pans on granite countertops.  The mere formation of granite, is accomplished by heat, therefore, it can withstand having hot pans set on it without fear of damaging the surface of the granite.
  5. Granite’s pores are home to bacteria. Bacteria are everywhere, whether you have marble, laminate or granite.  The only way to keep a bacteria free countertop –regardless of the surface – is by washing your countertop with anti-bacterial soap.
  6. Granite countertops are expensive. Although it is a higher end product than using laminate, keep in mind you get what you pay for – most laminate has a lifespan of 15 years, granite can last for decades.

Granite is a natural resource that Minnesota is blessed to have in abundance. It is a beautiful and practical countertop choice that can delight your senses for years to come. So, don’t be persuaded by the myths about granite, choose a stone that will always make you smile!

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