Marble Countertops: The Return of a Major Trend

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There are quite a few popular trends in interior design for 2018 but none as beautiful as this classic returning to the scene; marble countertops. Interior designers are obsessed with marble for the whole home and, of course, for the kitchen. Marble countertops, for some time now have been seeing a rebirth of its presence in kitchens all over the country. Both in its classic white and in a variety of colors with striking streaks and unique style, marble countertops offer classic elegance and old world charm essential for farmhouse style kitchens and other popular design trends. As experts offering marble countertops for Medina and the surrounding areas, the professionals here at Northstar Granite would like to discuss what makes marble the huge trend returning this year as well as tell you a little more about it.

marble countertopsWhy are marble countertops such a beloved choice?

Although the other choices are beautiful in their own right, once you’ve gotten your heart set on genuine marble, nothing else will do. It offers a unique look unlike any other.

Are marble countertops durable?

Yes and no. Marble is actually very soft in comparison to granite and quartz.  It is therefore much more likely to chip and scratch. It is also very prone to acid etching.  Leave a lemon cut in half face down on polished marble for 5 minutes and it will leave a round, flat-looking etch in the stone. Marks like this are permanent and only removable by complete restoration of the tops.

This is also what makes marble so desirable to some. Scratches and etching tend to “blend in” somewhat over time due to the patina effect that takes place.  This patina effect is what people describe as the “Old World” look of marble, and one of the reasons it is truly loved.

What do marble countertops cost?

Cost varies based on the type of marble, its thickness, and any additional options such as edge treatments or cutouts for sinks or cooktops. And, initial cost shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision. A properly maintained marble countertop may last for decades.

Is it necessary to commit to an entire kitchen installation?

Not at all! If you love the look of marble but are looking for a more affordable solution, you could also install marble on only part of the counter surface, such as a center island or baking station.

Are marble countertops difficult to take care of?

Unlike quartz or other manufactured surfaces, marble needs some extra care to keep it looking its best.

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