Maple Grove Quartz Countertops

Maple Grove Quartz CountertopsNorthstar Granite Tops do more than just granite! We also install quartz countertops for Maple Grove residents and neighboring areas. If you are considering a home renovation or remodel, or just to add some life to your kitchen or bathroom, you may be looking at different types of stone for your project. Stone is beautiful and adds a classic look, but none are quite like quartz.

Choosing between granite, marble and quartz may be challenging, but we will be here to help you every step of the way. Quartz, is the “non-natural” countertop amongst the big three stone types. Quartz countertops are synthetic blends—93% of the countertop is ground quartz, the remaining percentage is made up of a blend of polyester resins (binding) and pigments (coloring). The added heft provided by the resins makes quartz countertops more resistant to scratch and stain. They also eliminate porosity, making it so quartz countertops never need to be sealed.

Why Choose Quartz Countertops?

Five Benefits to choosing quartz countertops for your Maple Grove residence:

  1. Durability: Quartz countertops are strong, they are not likely to degrade with wear and tear.
  2. Low maintenance: Quartz countertops are non-porous, so they will not stain easily.
  3. Color choice: Quartz countertops come in an almost endless amount of color options.
  4. Beauty: Quartz is naturally beautiful. Also, because it is a more solid color, seams won’t be very noticeable.
  5. No sealing: Quartz countertops, unlike their “natural stone” counterparts, won’t have to be sealed because they are non-porous, due to being a synthetically-blend product.

Northstar Granite Tops can help you with all your natural stone countertop needs. We fabricate and we install. Be sure to check out our website to see some photo galleries of projects we have completed.

Contact us or call Northstar Granite today at 320-963-8677 to get your Maple Grove quartz countertop project started or fill out our online form for a free quote.