Kitchen Counters for Minnetonka Residents

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Are you looking to upgrade the kitchen counters in your Minnetonka home? If you’re still looking at Formica from 1971, let a professional Minnetonka kitchen counters expert leave you with the following advice: Natural stone countertops are the perfect way to breathe new life into your kitchen counters. We, at Northstar Granite Tops, have a wide selection of stone types including granite, marble and more!

Durable Kitchen Counters

Natural stone makes the perfect kitchen countertops because it is durable, as it’s formed in nature, by natural forces. Most stone is compressed and compacted by extreme heat and pressure. Your regular day-to-day usage of your kitchen counters will not result in any visible wear and tear. Natural stone countertops, installed correctly by a professional Minnetonka kitchen counters installer, will last for many years. These types of kitchen counters are perfect for families with children, or those who need a durable countertop due to frequent use.

Easy Maintenance

Kitchen counters are probably one of the most commonly used surfaces in your home. You probably prepare meals there, store appliances on top of them and maybe even do the morning crossword there. All this usage, however, means cleaning them often. The good news with natural stone is it’s easy to clean. Due to its composition, it is extremely resistant to mold or bacteria, making it the perfect solution for a countertop that comes in contact with food. You can trust your family’s health with these types of kitchen counters.  Natural stone may need to be resealed during its lifetime, but beyond that, regular cleaning is no more than using soap and water. Have a discussion with a local kitchen counters installer to have these installed in your home.

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