Kitchen Counter Considerations

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With so many surface choices to choose from, how do you decide upon the perfect countertop for your project? There are multiple aspects to consider, including cost, durability and color options. So what is right for your kitchen counters? Before making a decision, it’s important to research and consider what would work best for the overall design of the appointed space, as well as what type of material would suit your personal needs. Here at Northstar Granite, we specialize in kitchen counters for Minnetrista and the surrounding areas and have compiled a helpful, comprehensive list of surface materials and their individual characteristics. Here are some of the top kitchen counter considerations:

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First and foremost, kitchen countertops need to be functional and durable. You have to know if you can place food and drinks on a countertop and whether it will stain or leave a mark or a nick. So, if you’re looking for durability you should consider quartz or granite. The advantages of granite or quartz countertops are many – they don’t chip easily, they’re heat and stain-resistant and are relatively low-maintenance. 


Quartz and granite countertops are also both big buzzwords in the real estate world so when it comes time to sell, their addition to your kitchen can make a big difference.


The way your new kitchen counters will look is another big consideration. The style of kitchen you’re aiming for will inform your countertop choice. If you want a classic or timeless look, granite, marble or quartz will be where you should start looking. These materials also lend elegance to your kitchen. If you are going for a mid-century modern or clean and contemporary look, then single bevel or squared edge quartz kitchen countertops will be your best bet.


Is your cabinetry right for your new kitchen countertops? If your kitchen cabinets need work or don’t offer proper support for your new kitchen countertops, you should address these issues as well. Once your cabinets are worked out, then they will be able to stand up to the beauty, elegance and style offered by your kitchen counters.

Then of course, there’s cost. First measure the surface area of where your countertops will be placed. The more surface area, the more countertop material you’ll need. Quartz and granite are pretty close in price but each come in a wide variety of price points.

Ready to get started on your exciting kitchen remodel? Stop in to our showroom to see samples first-hand and decide what kitchen counters will fit both with your style and your budget.

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