How to Know if Quartz Kitchen Countertops are Right for You

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Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen with the addition of new, beautiful countertops? If so, then you should definitely consider quartz. While there are many viable options that work great in the kitchen including granite, marble and soapstone; quartz countertops are currently at the top of their game. People all over the country have been including them in their kitchen remodels and adore them with good reason. As the experts in quartz kitchen countertops for Orono, we would like to tell you more about this wonderful countertop material and how to know if it’s a viable option for your home.

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When choosing a material for your kitchen countertops you should start by weighing looks, price, longevity and maintenance. Depending on your budget, needs of your household and your style preferences, your choice here is going to vary. If you want something that looks great and can stand up to kids in the kitchen, daily wear and tear and is as maintenance free as possible; quartz kitchen countertops may be the perfect solution for you. Quartz kitchen countertops, like granite, are some of the more high end options in countertops but it’s easy to spend less in other areas of the kitchen such as the cabinets or backsplash in order to include quartz kitchen countertops in your budget. 

Since quartz is an engineered stone, you can also get that look of veining as you would in a natural stone, but it is super durable and maintenance free. And, there is no need to seal it like with granite or worry about spills and staining like with marble.

And, quartz comes in many varieties and choices. Quartz has a look that’s memorable and appealing. Their sleek nature is also undoubtedly modern and contemporary so if you’re going for a more rustic charm, another natural stone may be more suited to your taste. But quartz looks great in a wide variety of homes from classic to contemporary to mid-century modern to industrial. It is incredibly versatile if chic and sleek is what you have in mind!

To find the perfect fit, it is a great idea to bring samples home with you so that you can hold them up to your cabinetry in the light of my kitchen. There is nothing better than seeing something in your own space.

When you’re ready to start your search for the perfect countertops for your kitchen, make Northstar Granite Tops your first stop. Our experts can tell you more about quartz kitchen countertops as well as some of the other countertop materials we offer.

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