How to Care for Quartz Kitchen Counters

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Northstar granite tops kitchen counters Twin CitiesOne of the biggest perks about quartz kitchen counters in your Twin Cities home is how easy they are to care for and maintain. This makes them a great fit for homes and families of all sizes, so here are a few tips on how to keep your new quartz kitchen counters looking their best.

On a daily basis, clean your quartz kitchen counters with water and a soft cloth or paper towel. You can use a cleaner if you want to – just be sure it’s non-abrasive and doesn’t contain any bleach.

If anything is spilled, make sure to wipe it up immediately or as soon as possible after it happens. This goes especially for dark liquids like coffee and red wine. If something does end up staining, you can use a non-abrasive cleaning pad if you want. Be sure to use it as directed and test a small spot on an out of the way part of your kitchen counters first before you use it on a more conspicuous spot.

Be sure to use cutting boards when cutting anything on your new kitchen counters, and use trivets or hot pads under anything that is hot. While your new quartz kitchen counters are scratch and burn resistant, you should still make sure you do what you can to protect them.

Finally, do not use any cleaners that are abrasive, and never use bleach on your quartz counters either. Quartz counters are bacteria resistant as well, so you shouldn’t have to disinfect them. You also should not use wax or polish on them either. These products could dull the finish and cause permanent damage.

Your loved ones should know that they are not allowed to use paint, glue or permanent markers on or near your new quartz kitchen counters. If any of these get on your countertops, they can be removed, but they also might permanently damage the counters’ finish, so it is best to err on the side of caution and do crafts and similar projects elsewhere.

These are just a few suggestions on how to care for your new counters. After we install them, we will give you more detailed instructions on how to care for and maintain them.

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