Custom Granite Countertops MN

There are a number of reasons Minnesota homeowners prefer granite countertops to other countertop materials.

The durability of granite is one of the major selling points. It’s a tough surface to scratch, and it’s resistant to heat, so it can’t burn.

Another reason MN residents love granite countertops is because each one is unique. Because of the way granite is formed under the earth’s surface, no two granite slabs will come out exactly the same.

Lastly, granite has become more affordable over time. Granite countertops, which were once a luxury reserved for those well off, can now be found in homes across the country, installed by homeowners with both big and small budgets.

Northstar Granite Tops has helped over 2,000 clients in MN cities find the right countertops for their home. When you work with Northstar Granite Tops, you’re working with one of only two MIA-accredited natural stone fabricators in the State of Minnesota, which means you’re working with a team who can stand behind its work.

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