Getting Ready for Granite Countertop Installation

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Having your granite countertops installed is exciting. And there are a few things that can – and should – be done before we come in and install your new counters. Here are a few tips for helping Northstar Granite Tops to make the process go as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.


We’ll need to create a template of the existing countertops, so we have a layout of how your new counters will look and fit. To do this, everything will need to be cleared off of the existing countertops. If we’re installing the countertop in your bathroom, then we may need to remove the mirrors to prevent damage. They’ll be reinstalled after installation is complete if we are able to place the mirror back in the existing clips. If not, you will need to arrange to have new clips installed and the mirror reinstalled.

If you are also getting a new sink, please purchase the sink before the template is made. We ask this so a precise undermount hole can be cut to fit your sink.

Before we arrive …

We are very careful in your home and create minimum dust, however, if you have valuable antiques or other irreplaceable items you may want to move them to another room while we are installing your tops.  If they can’t be moved we encourage you to cover them.


It is best to make no changes after we template your countertops.  At best it means a return trip and trip charge to re-template the affected area.  In some cases the countertops may have already been placed into production and cut to size. We want to avoid any inconveniences, so please be present during the measuring, template design and talk to us about your desires and specific details.

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