Fireplace Surrounds Twin Cities

Fireplace Surrounds Twin Cities

Looking to refresh your fireplace? Consider upgrading to natural stone fireplace surrounds in the Twin Cities area! At Northstar Granite Tops, we offer a diverse range of top-quality, natural stone fireplace surrounds to enhance the aesthetic of homes.

Our team of experts has successfully customized and fabricated numerous natural stone fireplace surrounds, ensuring proficiency in every phase of the process. From the initial selection of stone to meticulous fabrication and seamless installation, we are equipped to manage each aspect of the job.

Whether you have a specific aesthetic preference, a particular budget or a preferred type of stone, our extensive experience allows us to address any questions you may have. We are here to assist you in choosing the perfect fireplace surround that complements both your home and lifestyle. With decades of experience, we have earned the reputation as the trusted name in natural stone fireplace surrounds.

If you’re curious to learn more about fireplace surrounds, feel free to give us a call today to schedule a consultation. During this discussion, we can explore your ideas, assess various options, discuss your budget and more, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your preferences. Following that, we’ll provide you with a free estimate, so you have a clear expectation of what to anticipate!

Fireplace Surrounds from Northstar Granite Tops

Northstar Granite takes pride in serving the Twin Cities area with top-notch natural stone solutions for several decades. Our hands-on owners are actively engaged in day-to-day operations, ensuring that your project receives expert care and attention.

From the initial template creation to the final installation, we have the capability to oversee the entire process to bring your desired natural stone vision to life. While our expertise includes crafting beautiful fireplace surrounds, we also excel in assisting you with the installation of the countertop or bar you’ve always envisioned.

Whether utilized for a fireplace surround or a countertop, natural stone proves to be an excellent choice for your home. It offers pleasing aesthetics with a diverse range of colors, textures and patterns. Moreover, many options are resistant to heat and water, ensuring long-lasting durability.

When selecting a new fireplace surround, prioritizing natural stone is a wise decision. While the initial cost may be slightly higher compared to cheaper, lower quality alternatives, the superior quality of natural stone pays off in the long run. It demands less money for repairs and has a longer lifespan than its less expensive counterparts.

Don’t hesitate! Contact us today to explore your options for a natural stone fireplace surround. We are more than happy to answer your questions and guide you toward achieving the fireplace of your dreams.

Interested in Fireplace Surrounds?

Would you like to learn more about fireplace surrounds for your Twin Cities area home? Call Northstar Granite Tops today at 320-963-8677, stop by our showroom, or request a free estimate!