Choosing a Backsplash for Your Granite Countertops

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It’s so easy to get focused on choosing granite countertops that you forget about choosing a backsplash. Backsplashes tend not to get a whole lot of attention, and most backsplashes tend to match the countertops’ colors and patterns. However, just doing that gives away the opportunity for more customization and design.

Backsplashes are another way of making the countertop more unique. It gives you the ability to help your counters stand out, so why not make the most of the opportunity?

Here are some things to keep in mind about backsplashes:

Backsplashes complete the look

Having a backsplash paired with your countertop looks better than just a plan wall. A backsplash completes the countertops look, and a plain wall may give the impression of an unfinished project.

Accent and compliment colors

Having dark-colored countertops installed? Try matching it with a backsplash that uses a bright, eye-catching color. This acts an accent, and can help draw more attention to your new counters by making it stand out more.

If you’re not feeling that combination, then your backsplash can go a bit more subtle with its color. You can match dark colors with other dark colors to compliment each look, and light colors can do the same.

Try and get the colors as close as possible, but maybe use a different pattern with each. This will require looking at a few different patterns to find a park that meshes.

Do at the same time

Having your backsplash installed at the same time as your countertops will save on costs and time. Doing both at the same time will save you much more than it would have to do the backsplash later. Plus, doing the backsplash later means having to make more preparations, and therefore, taking up more of your time.

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