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Return to Stone: Why Homeowners are Falling Back in Love with Marble Countertops

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While granite and quartz have both been hot commodities on the interior design scene for some time now, marble is a material that has made a huge comeback only recently. From a beautifully veined marble waterfall countertop on a kitchen island to wraparound kitchen countertops; marble is a hugely covetable look these days. And, as… Read more »

Biggest Trends in Bathroom Vanities for 2019

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There are some really exciting trends in kitchen countertops for 2019. But what about the biggest looks in bathroom vanities? As experts in bathroom vanities for Medina and the surrounding areas, we would like to discuss some of the biggest trends you should consider for your bathroom remodel. After all, the right bathroom vanity can… Read more »

Why You Should Hire the Professionals to Install New Kitchen Counters

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Granite and quartz continue to lead the pack in premium kitchen counters. Granite and quartz offer smooth, stylish durability that both require less maintenance than the relatively softer material alternatives. This makes them the ideal materials in countertops for any modern kitchen renovation. It’s no wonder they continue to grow in popularity all over the… Read more »

The Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

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While a kitchen must be versatile, timeless and functional; it should also be fun! Even if you’re not ready for a total kitchen redesign, you can easily incorporate some of the year’s biggest trends into elements like the countertops to transform its overall appearance. As experts in granite kitchen countertops for Bloomington and the surrounding… Read more »