7 Benefits of Quartz Bathroom Counters

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Are you looking to update your bathroom? When it’s time for a bathroom renovation, you can be overwhelmed with choices. From lights to sinks to new hardware – what goes together and fits your imagery of your dream bathroom? While planning for your new bathroom, what counters you want is an important decision to make. If you make it first, you can use it to tie each of the remaining choices into. Or you can pick everything else first, and then decide on a counter as the perfect final touch. No matter which route you take, consider quartz bathroom counters for your Twin Cities home.

If you aren’t sold on using quartz for your bathroom counters, that’s ok! We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of why a quartz countertop should be at the top of your list of considerations.

1. Strength

When it comes to determining the strength of minerals, the more reliable way is the Mohs Hardness Test. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest, every mineral has a ranking. Quartz falls in at a 7, meaning that only the few things ranked 8 or higher would be able to scratch it (for example, we’d recommend not trying to scratch it with a diamond, as diamonds receive a score of 10).

quartz bathroom counters

2. Stain Resistance

Quartz also benefits from being a non-porous material, meaning that it does not absorb liquids. This is good news as it resists stains! Even if you spill toothpaste, mouthwash or makeup on your countertop, quartz should persevere.

3. Durability

As one of the more forgiving countertops, quartz is resistant to chipping and cracking. This means that you could drop a heavy object on it and your counter will be fine! Durability is important when considering counter materials, as you want to make sure your counters last and remain undamaged.

4. Heat Resistance

One of the biggest benefits specifically within a bathroom is the heat resistant quality of quartz. If your bathroom sees frequent use of curling irons or straighteners, your counters can take damage from the heat emitted by them. While it’s still a good idea to avoid exposing your counters to extreme heat, quartz counters can withstand normal bathroom wear and tear.

5. Cleanliness

As mentioned earlier, quartz is non-porous. Not only does that protect quartz from stains, but it also introduces an antimicrobial quality! Bacteria won’t cling to the surface of quartz, so no matter how many people brush their teeth in your sink and get droplets on your counter, your quartz remains sanitary with regular cleaning.

6. Environmental Friendliness

If you’re someone who is looking to be more environmentally conscious, quartz is a good choice for you! As a frequent byproduct of other mining industries, utilizing quartz counters actually cuts down on global waste.

7. Appearance

Last but definitely not least, quartz is known for its beauty. With so many color options from white to dark gray, and designs from solid to intricate, natural patterns – quartz has an option to fit any aesthetic in any bathroom.

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